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You are one of the Directors on the board of a multi-billion dollar Semiconductor Company. The Board is contemplating chucking the CEO on accounts of him being non-commital to work. The CEO tries making his case, but gives up as he believes that he can't give any valid reason to substantiate his case. He begs for a second chance. You know that he thoroughly deserves one. But more than half the board votes against him. You know that the CEO doesn't deserve it. But, you are helpless. He is removed from the post. You are impotent.

You are a member of the Grand Jury adjudging a case of misappropriation of funds in a recent celebrity event. The Director of the Event Management firm is the man on trial. He desperately tries to prove his innocence by rubbishing the claims made by the prosecution team. The arguments he makes make sense, but the other members of the Jury don't think so. You somehow seem to buy his arguments, because you worked in an Event Management Firm before, and you know how it works. You know that he is not guilty. But the Jury convicts him 7-5. You are impotent.

At times in life, you are put in a position wherein you are almost given the power to take a decision - 'almost'. But, then the final decision would be something that you never wanted. That's when you realize your impotence.


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