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I know what you read over breakfast today!

Mat Balez writes in this post:

In the modern continuous online newscycle, I wonder who influences the influencers?

For instance, which feeds does Matt Cutts read the most? From which sources does Fred Wilson draw his inspiration? Which blogs is Michael Arrington tracking obsessively? This would all be useful information for me. It would help direct me toward those sources that someone I respect trusts.

Exactly! In the early days of my getting hooked on to the web, and to RSS, in particular, I used to upload my Bloglines OPML on my blog every month. Mat here calls for an effort towards massive collaboration project where dynamically updated OPML files are shared over a social network. In his own words:
Why can’t I subscribe to an RSS feed of YOUR OPML file - so that I could be notified when you’ve subscribed to new blogs.
Isn't that kewl?! Again, privacy restrictions should apply.
He talks about the OPML Share Project. Pretty neat. Am currently giving it a spin.


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