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Reservations: A 'Hello World' Letter

In his memorandum to (Arjun) Singh, (Former Congress MP) Anbarasu has demanded that the present director (of IIT Madras) be replaced with someone from the OBC/SC/ST community as the institute has had only Brahmins as directors so far.
This article in Tehelka deserves to be called 'Puke of the Day' (Nilu ishtyle).

Hello World!
  • Please laugh at us.
  • Please make fun of how we hate our Asoks for they graduated out of IIT when there existed no reservation.
  • Please roll over and laugh if you haven't heard of Members of Parliament saying that they need a SC/ST director as the university has had too many Brahmin directors.
  • Please don't be surprised when you hear the next time that Harvard will take 33% Christians, 20% Muslims, 14% Hindus, 6% Buddhists, 15% Atheists, and the rest are for other religions. Because you know where it all started. Here. India.
  • Please consider it commonplace if a professor who is changing the telecom landscape in rural India gets kicked out of an IIT, because he had to make way for a SC/ST professor (who might also be as good as him)
  • Please remember us Indians as the ones who fulfilled Ayn Rand's prophecy of the Moratorium on Brains.
  • Please cry for us.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Totally awesome post. Love the sarcasm.

    Thank you for voicing what I had in my mind. I am a student of IITM and I am very grateful to you for pointing out the crappiness that lay in the argument put forth by a newspaper that values sensationalism more than the truth.

    Thanks again

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