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Twitter for love

I remember Ghom and me coming up with this idea of a Twitter for lovers.

You know, you have a sweetheart who you can't text(SMS) as its too costly and ....

  • You are standing in a queue at the subway for a ticket, and you twitter a sweet nothing.
  • You are doing potty, and you're bored, and you twitter another sweet nothing.
  • You are going up the elevator, and you twitter how much you miss him/her.
Today Scoble says it too!
“LOVER” tag might go into one page with a password, for instance, that isn’t publicly available. That way Maryam and I could use a social network to send sweet nothings back and forth (I can’t use any of these networks for THAT kind of social networking).
Actually, won't IM solve the problem? Not exactly, as its so much more fun if you have a recorded history of all the sweet nothings that you have exchanged.

Do I hear a 'Hmm...' from any developers there?


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