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Chauvinism in the wing ;-)

Ha ha ha !!
Some sort of new enthu among our wingies...gave birth to a new community in Orkut(Are you on Orkut? Ask me for an invite.) called Male Chauvinists.

If you ask me, i am not at all a Male chauvinist.....I am all FOR females ;-)
But then, did not want to spoil the enthu in the wing.
The starting of this community created a stir in one of the wings in the girls bhawan, with they ridiculing the community in theirs. I chose to bring the heat down, and wrote a big essay on what i percieve as Male Chauvinism, and how i can call myself a male chauvinist in that context.
Coupled with that was a small punch for that posting of theirs. Read it all at the community.

Whew! Make me think how more hopeless a person can be in life. Doing all this worthless, pointless things. Anyways, everything so far has been healthy fun.

More to come, I presume.


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