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Whew! CP is done

After a seriously spirit-sapping preparation for one of the most dreaded yuck courses this sem - CP2..... finally the online is over.

Some late nite coding practice with AOM ( my wingie), helped a lot to breeze through one problem. And the Gods were with me, as Providence shone on me to help me solve the second problem. At the end, all that matters is I am back in business in CP, after a truly dismal performance in the first 2 tests. It doesnt matter whether I 'really' am a gr8 programmer or not ! ;-)

I am now down with some really bad fever n fatigue. This really scared the wits out of me before the online coz. I felt so damn tired, I could hardly eat an apple. As I type this out, I am enveloped by a sweater, a muffler, a cap etc.. Just hope that I am okay by tomorrow, else a makeup is on the anvil for ES !


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