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Tests done!! NFS UnD 2 Demo is out

OK...done with one bad bunch of tests.

NFS Underground 2 Demo is out .... Brilliant with a graphics Card, else pretty slow. The modeliing of the digital girls int the game is purely amazing, it may put God himself to shame !

Pondering over a Group Discussion Topic in a class today - " Love marriages are better than arranged ones."
Interesting, nah? Seems like this is an age-old topic...but thinking on a more serious note, there seem to be a lot of valid arguments on both sides.
Love Marriages appear better because one knows his/her partner in and out before marriage. So he/she can look out for the qualities he/she expects .
But marriages, in place like India are not just about a couple , but it is something between 2 families. So, arranged ones seem more acceptable.

The ali3n is thinkin....


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