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Choice is an illusion

The ali3n is in a very pensive mood, as he sits on the cranky wooden chair in his room and taps away at the keyboard.

The human has no choice in is an illusion....choice is an illusion.
I will quote a real-life example that happened today.

Here I am chatting with one of my good friends....she asks a question "What was that?". Now, based on the last 3 lines i have typed in.....I can assume "that" in her question to be 2 things. If i choose one of them, that means she is very ignorant; if i choose the other, it is normal of a layman. Given she is a very intelligent girl, what do i go for? If i had any choice, i would have gone for the second one.

But then, as i said, choice is an illusion. I do not understand what came over me..but i chose the first one. I made a total mockery of myself. And the rest, as they dont say is forgettable.

So, it is ultimately that life comes up with interesting situations where it seems you have to make a choice........but in reality you are predestined to take one path.........and you take it. But then , for you, it looks like you have a choice..........even if you believe in my version that choice is an illusion, you have to make a choice, though that choice is predestined.

Seems like a paradox ?? It isn't.



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