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Chaos and Equilbrium

Chaos! Just a glance at the word brings out a surge of emotions in me. It is hard to explain. The word has a plethora of hidden meanings and implications. Just try to recollect the places that u have heard this word - "Chaos"
1. Kings of Chaos ( btw I am going gr8 in this online game ranked 68k overall Join me )
2. The Chaos Theory ( does this need an explanation for aliens like me ! )
3. Eternal Chaos ( my theory - soon to be published in this space )
4. Thermodynamics ( All that entropy and other crap)
The list goes on .....

But I would like to add a new dimension to things. The Chaos that the Merovingian speaks of in the Matrix. The Chaos that is inherent in all of us. Here I am sitting in front of the cathode ray tube illumiated monitor of a computer typing this blog calmly, and there you are doing the same thing except for the difference that your agile fingers are more camly on the rodent species attached to your computer rather than tapping at a not-so-good musical instrument called the keyboard. Both of us appear calm and poised. But underneath the external calm, lies "Total Chaos". Every neuron in our brains working overtime to bring out a crazy idea lodged in our brains since eons. Every blood cell screaming past the bland walls of the arterties and the veins to deliver oxygen to every cell in the body. Diving right into the heart of this Chaos, I believe that it is this very Chaos in our minds, that has been the driving force behind our progress. Chaos increases with time, and reaches a inflexion point; the ideal setting for a breakaway progress/decline. As Andy Grove would have put it, Chaos is a 10X factor. At the inflexion point of Chaos, there are two possibilities in the dimension of time. We either land up doing something so extraordinary that we will leave our footprints on the sands of time (or atleast make a mark in our lives itself...this is applicable only to lesser mortals like many of us) or end up doing something so asinine that even God would have been ashamed at us. The probability depends upon many circumstances, but then Murphy's law and the Law of averages fight it out in this great phenomenon.

Equilibrium is staganation. It is asking for peace, when one has a chance to wage a war and make it big. (Disclaimer: I am not a war-monger. This statement should be taken in its metaphorical sense , and with a couple of spoons of salt). Equilibrium is for people who dont dare to think beyond the zenith (no pun intended, Mr. Choudhary). On a personal front, I cant stand equilibrium. I believe in the power of Chaos. Since ages, Chaos in people's minds has led to great innovations and breakthroughs. It is Chaos that has led us to the state that we are in now. It is Chaos that is driving us further. The trait to let Chaos reign in one's mind and to rein in Chaos at the right time is the greatest gift to man (yet one of the most seldomly used ).

I love Chaos.
Do you?


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