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Sign of things to come

Sign of things to come

Event: "BITS Big Bout" ( The most popular and hugely attended
fortnightly panel discussion in BITS Pilani involving faculty as well
as students )
Date: 4 Feb 2005
Topic : "Creative Entrepreneurs vs Handcuffed Managers"
Thus I spake:
" An entrepreneur is half-born, half-made"
" We all remember Mark Twain's creation Tom Sawyer and his stories.
One of the most memorable being the story of the picket fence wherein
Sawyer' is forced to paint the fence of his house, but then being the
cool dude as he always was, Tom makes his friends do the work for him
in addition to paying him for the privilege of painting Tom's fence.
Here is a case wherein a person is forced to be a 'manager' but then
the entrepreneurial spirit in him surfaces, he senses an opportunity,
converts it to his advantage. Now, this is what I term


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