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Reports from the frontline

Very very eventful days have just passed. More are in the offing. Here's a brief recap as to what happend in recent times (Its alright, this aint another recap from the K- serials).

Interface, the annual All India Management convention organized by the Management Association of BITS, Pilani was held this weekend here. I really love this event, as it is the Mecca of all management and entrepreneurship oriented programs here at BITS Pilani. I did participate in a few events.
1. I generally wrote a mock CAT test conducted by Career Launcher, and to my surpise found that with six more right answers, I would have got a call from some IIM in CAT 2004. Yikes! I had underestimated my math capabilities.
2. Because of my score in that Mock CAT, I was given a bye into the second round of YMOM (Young Manager of the Meet) - the most coveted title during Interface. The second round was a gruelling 12-member Group Discussion. Whew! The true face of Chaos (!). Everybody out there exceptionally good orators and howlers(to a certain extent) dying for a chunk of the fourth dimension which was restricted to 15 minutes. i couldnt make a headway in the first 10 minutes, but ended up doing a lot of summarizing during the last 2-3 minutes. Bu that was nowhere close to being the best 3 in the Discussion who went on to Round 3: Personal Interviews.
3. "The E-Factor" - a team of 3 - me, Srinivas Jampani and Vernon Fernandez. We had formed this team without much ado and thought to participate in Insomnia - The Biz Quiz. In the Audi, during the prelims, I could see atleast a dozen teams who were much much better than us in pure quizzing terms. Siz teams were to go ahead to the finals. So, hopes were abysmally low. But then it is business, mate! You never know the result until the last card is played. Half an hour later, we found ourselves sitting on the stage in the auditorium after having outwitted half a dozen of the so-called 'better' teams. The finals was a cool quiz, with lots of Biz fundas flying over. We were in th joint lead till the last round, but a superb performance by 2 other teams, pushed us to 3rd place snatching away a total prize of Rs. 10k. Damn! We were a hair's breadth from earning a semster's supply of Dosas in the All night canteen!
4. Then I and Uzma, being good debating partners participated in Laissez Faire - a supposed debate competition which ended up being a cross of JAM and Negotiation rounds. I goofed up totally in the JAM, plummeting out hopes of a place in the finals. Coming to think of it, I should have let her speak in the JAM, she is much better than me when it comes to spontaneous speaking.

This was Interface.

Then I had to slog for a damned course called "Electrical Sciences -II" to understand why transformers are called so! Ended up screwing the test bigtime. What a beginning to a semester.

Coming up, a test on Microprocessors, the only course this semester which is making sense. Surely, I dont want to screw it up.
I have a presentation to make on the activities of the BITS-IBM Linux Club here, of which I am a core member. And also up is a talk on 'Grid Computing' by a IBMer.


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