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Tryst with Trust

How I wish, I could stop posting such negative posts on this blog. But then, destiny has other plans. These days, it has been more of a mixed bag of emotions in me. To be fair, the bad things in life outnumbering the good ones. Come to think of it, there are no such things as bad events in life because ultimately i believe that all these are mere illusions. Choice itself is an illusion leading to the logical conclusion that all events occuring because of a choice that one made are predestined and hence illusions themselves. The logic is pretty easily extended to the proposition that 'Life is maya'. Life is an illusion draped over our unsuspecting eyes.

Coming back to the topic I intended to blog about. Well, it is said that trust is built over time, but broken in moments. I realised it the hard way. Loads of Virtua Tennis, some con*** games, the net, linux, flash, and the E-factor - a heady mix to break trust. Nothing hurts a person more. The pain that one suffers, when he loses trust, when somebody loses confidence in him is torturous. God forbid these pains to people. But then, I am not a guy who takes things lying down. I rise now to build again that wonderful edifice called 'trust'. To show the world that 'I still can. All that happened was a passing mirage'.

BTW screwed up one more test ;-)


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