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Intuitively Obvious

Hmmmm.... I am a staunch believer in the saying that goes like -

There are 3 kinds of lies - lies, damned lies and statistics

But then, once in a while I forego my trust in the saying and check out statistics. After all, lies are juicy.

Here are some site statistics on 2 sites of which I (being the administrator......ahem) have set up counters on.

Site 1: Conquest - The Business Challenge , a premier business competition being organised by the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) at BITS, Pilani.

Browser Stats:
66% - MSIE
24% - Firefox
6% - Opera
3% - Mozilla

OS Stats:
91% - Windows (All variants)
5% - FreeBSD
4% - Linux

Site 2: Yeah, you guessed it right, It is this very blog of Abhilash. R , a unknown student at a university called BITS Pilani in a remote desert of India. Abhilash R also calls himself as the alien (or ali3n as he writes it). Hence the blog derives its name as Alien Ponderings.

Browser Stats:
54% - MSIE
37% - Firefox
7% - Netscape
2% - Mozilla
1% - Safari

OS Stats:
91% - Windows
5% - Linux
2% - FreeBSD
2% - Mac OS

Conclusions that are intuitively obvious to me: (If it is not for you, then you better undertake a course on intuition that I plan to offer, if I become a failure in life and settle down as a lecturer/professor - No offence meant! )

1. Gates has managed to keep the Windows of his glasshouse , safe and secure from the penguin's attempts to throw stones at it. Great going, mate. Wish you luck in the future because you will be needing lots n lots of luck. I believe
Who needs Gates and Windows when the world is Free and Open

2. But then Gates has huge competition when it comes to the fiery marketing strategy adopted by the Firefox group. I am a great ardent follower of the Firefox group, and their brilliant marketing strategies. If you are on MS Internet Explorer, go get a life. Go Get Firefox. You will forget that existed a browser in the not-so-far past called IE.

Any more intuitively obvious conclusions that I have missed out are welcome. ( I promise you, i will rethink my course on Intuition)


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