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Da Helau Alliance

When it comes to having fun, we rock! The 'we' here refers to me and my close bunch of friends who include 'Da Bombs' and a few others (One of them is a part of another group called 'The Diabolic Angels'). 'Da Healu Alliance' is the latest addition in the elite groups here.
Whew! A lot of jargon in the above paragraph. Let me make life simpler for all of you who did not comprehend it. (Here's another test: Try comprehending the median of a triad of phalanges held up. If you got the answer, Sorry! I did not mean that to you. It was meant to lesser mortals who could not comprehend it.)

'Da Bombs'. A group of elite men who are ready to blow up. Nah! I didnt mean the Fidayeen. We are men who are reservoirs of potential waiting for the right moment to explode and show to the world who we are. We claim ourselves (and legitimately are) to be a bunch of highly competent men from varied backgrounds, yet share a common thread of friendship that runs through us and leads us to our vision. This group came into being in August 2004, deriving its name from the popular song by 'Inner Circle'. Since then, we have had loads of fun and still continue having that so often that I wonder whether I can sustain more ! As a pioneering group here at BITS Pilani, (pioneering in many aspects which are intuitively obvious) we have our own dictionary and we have been the proponents of a new kind of jargon. And the word that claims to be the most popular word among us and a lot of other BITSians here is the famed word - "Helau"

Helau - It is a Da Bombized version of the greeting 'Hello'. But its usages far exceed the ever-hear usages of the word of 'Hello'. The primary meaning being the same as 'Hello', the word 'Healu' can make a Da Bomb turn back whenever the word 'Healu' is uttered. It has usages like
1. What on earth did you do ?
2. Alright !
3. Warcry
4. Blushing ;-)

'Da Helau Alliance' came into being with three teams we generally managed to form for a small quiz organized by the IEE Chapter of BITS Pilani. The teams were named Helau-1, Helau-2 and Helau-3.
Helau 1: Uday Kiran, Uzma (The only girl in the alliance, also part of the 'Diabolic Angels') and Yours Sincerely Abhilash
Helau 2: Vishnu (A visiting member of 'Da Bombs"), Kar and Ankur
Helau3: Hemanth, Bharadwaj and Vikram (another visiting member)

The elimination round began with all members of 'Da Helau Alliance' lining up in a bench to make a united thrust towards total control of the Earth(I am a megalomaniac!). And surpisingly, either the opposition was pathetic or we were too good that even Zeus would have bowed to us. Two Helau teams Helau-1 and Helau-2 topped the elimination round and went into the finals.

The finals was a good series of rounds, with us having barrells of fun, finally the Helau-1 team won the second prize and walked out with Rs. 600. Not bad, uh ! Will suffice for a grand treat of 'Da Helau Alliance'. Man! Today was one helluva experience. Though I still believe I was a dolt to go against Uzma's answers and give some asinine answers which sent us plummeting when we were in the lead. Who gives a damn! We won 600 bucks with absolutely zero effort ! Now that's what I call Infinite RoI !

Hail Da Helau Alliance.

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