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And it rained..

And amidst the blistering heat, it rained out here in Pilani. The best part was the breeze that followed. The coolest I have felt this semester. It felt so relaxing to sit on the ledge of the corridor half-naked and looking at the black and white clouds fight it out for control over the sky. I just sat there for about half an hour looking at the sky as Coldplay were performing on my computer. As if it didn't satisfy my soul, I grabbed a pack of NJoi strawberry drink and sat at the platform of the Patel statue right outside my hostel.

The cool breeze and the aroma of rain. Far far better than the RAM chips I have to interface.

Listening to: U2 - Stuck in a moment.
(Watch the video if you lay your hands on it...simply awesome)

A titbit:

  • I'm not afraid
    Of anything in this world
    There's nothing you can throw at me
    That I haven't already heard

    I'm just trying to find
    A decent melody
    A song that I can sing
    In my own company

    You've got to get yourself together
    You've got stuck in a moment
    And now you can't get out of it


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