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Once in a while

Not often do I walk out of an exam of 180 minutes duration, after 100 minutes. Well, thats precisely what happened today morn. Given the preceding posts of mine and the prejudice of regular readers of this blog (if there are any...yoohoo..), one might just land up at the conclusion that I didn't figure out the answers to any of the questions and hence I thought it would be better to come back to my room, sit in front of my gateway to the world and crib about the loss of my intellect. For once, I have proved you incorrect.

Yeah, and believe me, I am happy this happens once in a while. After all these add up to the joys in life. As you might have guessed it, I walked out because astonishingly I could answer 'almost' all questions and come out more than an hour in advance. Just as I was walking down the corridor, after I was done, the Instructor-in-charge stops me right there and asks me "Hey! What are you doing out here?" to which he receives a reply "I am done, Sir". He bursts into a loud guffaw with a tinge of anger that I have defied the very system of scribbling on a piece of paper for 3 hours, but more with a sense of pride that students are cracking his course as he is a good instructor (I didnt attend a single class of this course, though!).

For the first time I feel the sense of satisfaction after an exam. Fortunately or unfortunately that is driving me to cram more for my coming exams.

Apart from all that, here are a few things I came across on the net. Really good ones.

Listening to: some cool Indian rock bands
Phenom, 13 AD, Motherjane

Song of the day: Trapt - "Headstrong"


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