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Please dont read this

Every blog I scroll my eyes over has poetry these days. And I am just another brick in the wall. So, here goes (Or in daBombian lingo ... Take it!)

This post's got no reason,
Its got no rhyme.
If this is a poet's season,
Is hating poems a crime.

So, whats in a poem I said,
Apart from the rhyme and 2-liners.
Its how you see it, she said,
Its about feeling the 2-liners.

Trying to fathom the depth of 2 lines,
I was stupified and dazed.
For when I found diamond mines
Those lines left me amazed.

It's clear that if you've read till here,
you are so so disgusted.
You wont be coming back here,
At myself I am disgusted !!!

Spare the brickbats please!!

Listening to: Trapt - 'These walls' (The song has had no effect on me writing such a useless post)


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