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The memory remains

Its been a week since I came back home. And its been almost a week since this blog saw a post as well. Well, I didnt intend to blog as well. But then, destiny had other plans. The main motive behind this post is interesting.

Today morn I had been to a house warming ceremony of one of my cousin's uncle. (Well, the only reason why I went there was I got to drive the Indigo for a long long distance !!). I felt terribly out of place there primarily because I knew just a couple of people out there. But then out there in the hustling crowd, my eyes caught the attention of this lady. This lady whom I would refer to as Miss X. Well, the title Miss might be misconstrued, but whatever, she was a damsel. In her I saw something interesting, I saw somebody else. The face looked so damn familiar. The nose, the eyes, the way she spoke, her physique, ....everything seemed so much like I had kept seeing it throughout the year. Probably the human mind just seeks for similarities in things that now remain as memories. I just cant get the picture out of my head.

Next post as soon as I get over this. :)

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