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About me

About me: Well, I woke up this morning, and I got myself a beer.

Wow! I simply love it! Doesn't it sound enlightening? I can think of atleast half a dozen traits that the line can convey. And yeah, "All hail the Lizard King!" [Note: You can find that line here]

I'm off the net for quite some time, and till then,

  • Thanks to those dumbasses in the DoT, bloggers seem to be on vacation.
  • The Lizard King will come alive thanks to....
  • Atta boy Wally! Now, you're talking
  • Ladies and Gentlemen...from Los Angeles, California.... The Doors!
  • And yes, I promise to elaborate upon the taste of cyanide, in case I go into a mental depression before the next post and commit suicide.
  • And as to why I'll be off, ahem!
Let it roll, baby, roll....All night long!

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Blogs are free again! WHy no comments on "A is A"?

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