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Why By-Two Kaapi?, asked RC yesterday. And as suggested by him, here's the reply.

Dad and me, were once travelling from Bangalore to Mysore. Midway, we'd stopped for a break at a shack. And Dad orders a 'by-two kaapi'. Suddenly, my mind was blown by a flurry of thoughts. Everytime Dad used to order a by-two kaapi, it had never struck me, but that day, was special. It suddenly occured to me that a by-two kaapi is a pure symbolic representation of brotherhood, of friendship, of love, of care.

Sharing a cup of coffee is so beautiful! And as CCD puts it 'A lot can happen over coffee'. The sad part is that nowhere else do you feel that love, not even when you are sharing a Grande Mug with your girlfriend at a CCD/Barista/wherever. It's when you hit a shack, order a by-two kaapi, sit on the wooden bench, stretch your legs, pour that coffee into the saucer-like cup, sip, and talk - that you feel the warmth of love, and yeah, the coffee too.

And I'm a self-confessed coffee junkie. And I like the desi spelling of coffee as kaapi.

Ergo, By-Two Kaapi!


  1. Unknown said...
    sounds sooo guud!!..the sweet aroma of coffee...wid slight drizzle outside... sharing from same cup wid ur loved ones..thts SOMETHNG SPECIAL!!!
    Anonymous said...
    Sharing a hot cup of coffee when it's chilly in chickmagalur with friends is really GREAT...! i just love to u call it 'kaapi'
    my frindz call me.. 'the coffee gal' as i'm one of the natives of chick, the coffee place..!!
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