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Rape me!

Barely 48 hours ago, I was munching a pizza with Sin (sorry for the name distortion, Sin!) and talking, as usual, about everything under the sun. She was telling me about this theater guy who impressed her with his comments on feminism and male chauvinism. I've been pissed off with these feminist--anti-feminist--male-chauvinist debates in the past. And quickly after correcting her definition of a male chauvinist, we dropped the topic.

And guess what I read today morning! The SC delivers a landmark ruling that a woman cannot be prosecuted for rape, and I quote those judges:

A woman cannot be said to have an intention to commit rape.

I spit at this ruling!
Call me a anti-feminist or a male chauvinist or any other neo-word-created-by-an-irrational-bastard! I don't care!

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  1. Aravind said...
    I can't believe it! It's insane!

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