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Two hundred

20 months.
200 posts.
2 titles.
That's been the story so far.

Looking back, at what By-Two Kaapi (or Alien Ponderings, as it was known) has come to:

What's the blog for?
Just for the memory, mate! (Read answer to next question, as well)

Who's the blog for?
This blog was never intended for any other reader except myself. So, I have been at my esoteric best at times. Coming to think of it,

  • Almost every post has had a hidden meaning. A meaning that is understood by me alone (almost always).
  • Every post has been inspired by the not so obvious.
  • Every post carries a watermark of some event/incident/memory of mine.

How's the blog doing?
People do come, read, rant and go. And this blog needed an editor. My spellings & grammar, as always, has been pathetic. Someone even volunteered to be an editor! But then, this blog is meant for me, and I don't give a shit about the grammar. So, who cares!

What have I blogged about?
A piece of the underlying chaos in me. I've blogged about life, pain, love, philosophy, movies, coffee, games, books and the usual mumbo-jumbo.

Where do I see this blog in the future?
Evolving gradually, with me. And so has been the case till now.

What's my most memorable post?
Based on my earlier answers, I think, this question is tantamount to me answering the question - "Which is the most memorable moment of my life in the last 20 months?". Something that can't be answered.


  1. Anonymous said...
    y;kno, i keep track of your blog thru rss feeds, and i've got to say you're the one who updates most frequently. not all your posts make too much sense to me, but i guess it wasnt meant to.
    it's really great that you blog for yourself, and dont put in stuff to just garner readers.
    and congrats on your bicentenary post.
    Abhilash Ravishankar said...
    Thanks Priya.
    Frequent posting translates to being jobless. And esoteric posting translates to having a DILLIGAS attitude to readership.
    Unknown said...
    Bloging is just a way to lent out built up it happiness or frustration..tht's the way i percieve bloggin!!
    nd ur style is gonna b regular reader!!

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