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World Tibet Day

Today is World Tibet Day. Also the Birthday of the Dalai Lama. And why am I, suddenly blogging about Tibet? The answer traces back almost a decade ago, when I first visited Bylakuppe, a Tibetan settlement in Karnataka. I thought I would recount my memories of that place, when I read Jyotsna's entry on her visit to Bylakuppe, which is so heartening.

Pity, is one emotion that I don't feel for our Tibetan brethren. For I know, that they don't ask for it either. It is their courage that I admire. The love for their country that I admire. The reverance for their tradition that I admire.

I just can't imagine myself in a situation wherein my ancestors have lived in a certain region, and my family is driven out of that place, and I tread in to neighbouring countries as a refugee. As a man with no home. And being a helpless spectator of ruthless vandalizing of my culture. And yet, silently, through peace and whispers, dream of that sweet country of mine.

I mutter a Tibetan prayer
"For as long as space endures
And for as long as living beings remain
Until then, may I too abide
To dispel the misery of the world"

To Tibet, its people and their spirit!


  1. Dilip D'Souza said...
    Good for you! When do we meet next?
    Abhilash Ravishankar said...
    Any Pilani plans at your end?

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