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There's the vent

Insomnia leading to watching Legally Blonde at 2 in the night.
Drowsiness leading to skipping breakfast.
More drowsiness leading to a heavenly nap on the bus.

And now,
What's the force that a mouse can sustain? (I meant a goddamn computer mouse!)
Can I get away by crushing this keyboard and lying that a monitor fell over it? That way, I can punch this monitor in the face too!
What about ripping apart these wires and wedgie-ing them over the switches, which run a sensitive GPS system?
How about smashing this 3000 dollar-worth hardware card and saying - 'That's it! The squirrel broke the card, and now I'm going home!'?
Can I smoke a cig here, throw the unextinguished stub on a piece of paper, set the lab on fire, and run out yelling 'Fire' at the top of my voice?
Can I mail a 'Fuck You' to every goddamn person in the world?

Ha! Penning this post, believe it or not, has brought down the frustration. Feels so much more better.

And yeah, if you have read this post, then drop in a comment, and you won't get the mail that I just mentioned.


  1. Uday kiran Medisetty said...
    Dude.. Chill...

    P.S: I am safe now.. I will not get a mail.. [:)]
    Anonymous said...
    hey.... you sound pretty frustrated... chill maadi.
    Aravind said...
    What happened?
    Abhilash Ravishankar said...
    OK. Alright. Fine. Theek hai. Seri.
    Writing the post alone calmed me down, and all these comments just lit up a smile too :)

    As to what happened, well,
    a. Stuck on debugging one bug in my code for a whole friggin' week
    b. Extreme guilt induced by procrastination
    c. Ditched by a friend

    Now, chill maaDiddini!
    Chinmay Kulkarni said...
    Nice. really nice.

    I got to try this technique over at my blog. At worst, I get to send the mail!

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