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Reading between the bars

Here's a graph of pageloads vs time of By-Two Kaapi (w.k.a Alien Ponderings).
Inspired by Freakonomics, here's my take on the graph.

See the two spikes during the Apr-Jul period? How do I account for that? Plausible reasons:

  1. More number of posts: Yes, I've posted more often during these times. But how can that translate to heavier traffic? Does that mean, I post more - I get more traffic? [And to clear a few things - the unique/returning visitor graphs show the same trend too!]
  2. Break: April has been a peak, and guess what BITSians have a damned Comprehensive Examination in May! And this never happens in winter (Dec). So, this can't be the reason. To a certain extent, people may browse blogs at home rather than in the hostel. But, April?
  3. Promotion: I post more, implies I do something more for people to read. Maybe, put up the link as an IM status message. Maybe, add the link in E-mail signatures. So, posting more indirectly translates to better visibility
On a much lighter note, these are other reasons that I heard
  1. Barbarian at the Gate: It's the beginning of the financial year and buoyed by heavy budgetary allocations, people spend more time browsing aimlessly and hence read By-Two Kaapi.
  2. Device Physicist: Is Kaapi good in summer? Yes. Kold Kaapi. But, By-Two Kaapi came into existence recently! Ha...probably the rise in temperature may adversely affect the resistances on silicon on the Statcounter server thereby throwing up corrupted info.
  3. Objectivist: You post more, implies you read By-Two Kaapi more, just to give a boost to your ego. Ergo, all the spikes are due to yourself hitting 'refresh' every minute.
  4. Existensialist: Dude, There is a spike. Period. It exists. Period. Why the fuck do you bother about its meaning, its purpose? Chill.
  5. Alchemist: It's a sign, my boy. The Universe is trying to tell you something. Follow the signs.
  6. Collectivist: You have been able to get so many pageloads, not becuase of your writing, but because the whole world chose to give it to you. Now, you shall rot away in their debt.
Whatever! If only I could read between the bars...


  1. Chinmay Kulkarni said...
    Your business is seasonal, mate. Nothing to do with number of posts. My graph is a similar scaled down version (but I have less data.)

    Nice explanations, though.
    Abhilash Ravishankar said...
    Business is seasonable due to some reason! What's the reason here? Mangoes?

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