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The Best of Me ?!

This song by Foo Fighters - "The Best of You" is one of the best songs I have heard in the latest onslaught of rock albums. What inspires me to ponder about this song is the awesome lyrics - which go on something like this :

Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?

I sit back on my cranky wooden easy-chair, look at those little green insects (or LGMFs as they are better known) which are hovering around my tubelight and ponder...

Ponder whether I am giving my best at anything that I am upto these days. The answer comes trotting to my cephalon. I expected three letters, but ended with just two - NO.

Just wondering as to what I have been doing for the past one year, I realize that I have lost my religion (not literally!). I have changed from a passionate stud to a pseudo-passionate "I-am-filled-with-passion" blabbering hypocrite. I have been uttering all such funky sentences, but, a reality check reveals that I have screwed around with time and myself. I have never given anything that I ventured into in the last year, my best. Sometimes, I ponder whether I am storing it for the right time. EEE CDCs would be a good time to spend the stacked up passion - but I am not. My other extra-curricular activities, I am damn passionate about, but I am firm that none of them have got the best of me.

I also ponder - "Have I lost the best of me?". No answer. Hope, the answer is still a NO. I am seraching for Vistas to release the best of me. If I dont do it soon, then probably I might just forget to bring out the best in me forever!

Hmmm.....Let me see, Right now, I just see one vista to bring out the best in me. Treacherous, Unchartered, Challenging, Rewarding - But is it worth it ?


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