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Time after time

Time after time, I wonder, why the world runs the way it is running. The obvious answer, one that I know, is that it is heading towards a purpose. Now, with my newfound Vedic thoughts, I wonder - If the whole world is but just a manifestation of the Brahman, and we are all but just heads and limbs of the Brahman itself, why are we playing around in this world? Agreed, it's for a purpose. But, for the achievement of that purpose, is it required for us to cheer two teams playing basketball, to drink loads of coffee, to sit in front of a flickering screen and blog ! I mean, why are all these mundane activities (with reference to the Brahman). That leads me to a thought that the Brahman is but just a chill dude, who wants to have fun - so he has people on earth commit rapes, murders, suicides as well as play the greatest of sports and vie for glory as well as make the most cutting-edge of research in science. Man! That guy sures know how to waste his free-time!

Ah! I cant say, 'that' guy, for I am the Brahman as well. So, I sure know how to waste my free time. Wow! That feels good. Let me go back to sleep now.


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