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Running from where to where

I realized recently that many of my antics here have resulted me in running away from a lot of people out here. The worst thing is most of them are professors! Everywhere I see them, I just make the quickest exit possible - Phew! Yesterday was one close call, when I saw one such professor in C'not and then I just walked so swiftly out of there, that I didn't even give him time to realize that I was there. Hmmm...Whom all do I run away from?

  • Prof. N - One from my state itself. He pours some unwanted work on my shoulders every time I see him.
  • Prof. B - The Group Leader of my Dept!! I absconded after preparing the Group Website.
  • Prof. R - In-charge of the LUG here. I have long stopped using Linux. Not that I have accepted defeat to the Redmond Demon, but just that I have become lazy to fiddle around in Linux. I am a dormant LUG co-ordinator, and hence I have to run away from him.
  • Prof. A - In-Charge of my Center. Not that I run away from him daily - but just that sometimes he just craps a lot to bear.
  • V - This chap is bugging me to join my Center. But I have no vacancies, and I don't want him in it as well.
  • AB - This guy is a pure jackass. Keeps bugging me about accounts of some never-existed account etc. Acts as if I am some fraud!

Oh my! That's pathetic. How sadder can it get? I am on the verge of getting an Interpol notice issued in my name soon, I guess.

As I run away from these people, I am running towards something as well. (Yeah, Right!) Its almost time for Mid-Sems to begin. GPA nightmares. Project tensions. Things are getting out of control. Loads of things to handle right now. Yet so, much to plan for the future. I read this in Jack Welch's "Winning":

Thinking about the long-term is like sitting on a chair and dreaming.
Thinking about the short-term is all about squeezing the lemon out of all its juice.
Everybody enjoys doing one of them. Somebody, made you the leader because they thought that you could do both.

True. I just hope that 'somebody' was right. Planning for the long-term and sailing through the present seems close to impossible, as of now. But, the eternal realist in me, sees things happening as they want to.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Man... you sure have a hard life. You sure you want to make it harder whining about Prof. A and Prof. B?

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