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Somebody get it out of here

Right now, I am sitting in my room with a pigeon stuck in my room. 45 non-stop minutes of unprecedented effort to throw it out of my room has gone in vain. Its just shuttling between my ventilator and my attic. I have chucked all sorts of things that I can find in my room and afford to chuck. I have attacked it from all angles that I can possibly attack from. Yet, it sticks around. What do I do?

I came back to my room tired after a fun-day out with a bunch of friends at a nearby resort. I just wanted to crash but now I can't even do that because I am scared of the pigeon pooping on me when I am asleep! Probably it is either drugged or it is blind not to see a huge window in front if it that is open, as well as a huge door craving its exit. Help!

On a different note, it is so absorbing to note that once I change the way I look at a person, I speak (or for that matter, communicate) in an entirely different way. The interest that I show in the other person's speech, the way I reply to mails from that person, the way I talk on a phone with that person - everything seems to have a new way; a new meaning. Makes me sad...


  1. Abhilash Ravishankar said...
    Latest News:
    After getting a comrade-in-arms(the chowki) the fight took a new twist. Both of us valiantly fought to drive that @#%@# pigeon out of my room. And after all of our ordinary weapons failed (mugs, brooms, towels), we had to resort to Guerilla warfare. I managed to drive the pigeon consistently to one spot on the attic wherein the chowki waited and pounded upon it by a cloth, caught it by one wing and took it out of the room. Finally, I am free to sleep. Freedom from pigeon poop!
    Tuhina said...
    yeah that keeps happening in my room too except that it doesn't involve birds, insects instead

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