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The giant mesh and Sensitivity

I heard this somewhere recently that the whole world is just like a giant electrical mesh and we are all but mere nodes in it. The core uniqueness of this mesh being that here, every node is connected to every other node by an electric component. So, here I bring in my knowledge of electrical systems and propound that Sensitivity of our node voltage to those component parameters plays the most vital role in human life.

Just imagine that I am connected to my dad/mom thorugh an inductor(say). Any reaction by my dad/mom is passed on to me through an inductive effect. So, the effect on me (change in node voltage) is brought about by the inductor (the relation I share with them). So, my sensitivity to that relation judges the extent of any effect that can possibly be inflicted upon me. And that component(relation) differs extensively for different people.

Now, I sit back and think how one person can so grossly affect my life if I share a strong component with her/him. Now, that such a person has shaken off my bliss - its time for me to fight back to regain that bliss. I can't sit and wait for some other day to regain what I have lost.

On a different note, I feel that somewhere yet another piece in the jigsaw puzzle called life, another piece has been fitted, and there are no lookbacks. I silently hum -

It's probably easy, or so damn easy,
For you to wield your power, your aura,
To push it off in all skewed probability,
To a day that shall never arrive,
To a day which you think I shall wait for,
Wait for eternity - but you are mistaken,
For I beleive that this is all an illusion,
An illusion of grandeur and deceit,
One that has been subdued by me finally,
To rest in peace, or rather
To rust in peace.


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