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Sometimes, I wonder whether I make life look too complicated. Do I unnecessarily complicate things too much? I have no answer. All that I can say affirmatively is that I think on a much higher plane than many others - I mean my thinking is more on philosophical lines and 'the-bigger-picure' types. And, for decisions I know will affect my career, I am extra careful, and the time I put into making that decision is surely a gross excess deviation from the mean time anybody else would take. And going by the 90-10 rule, 90% of the times I reaalize that I think too much and it wouldn't have much of a difference. But, the sole reason why I still ignore that rule and keep pondering and pondering is because I believe that all that thinking is making me a better individual - making my thinking more logical and objective.

Listening to: 'Complicated' - Avril Lavigne
(Incidentally, Avril Lavigne is my fav female singer. Man, her attitude is so punk rock! And her sweet voice is awesome)


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