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Long time no see

My Obeisances - Oh! Holy Wall on the Web. I am back on the blogosphere after a long long long time. The reasons being many. The most important being the totally erratic and highly dysfunctional network connection out here these days. How can doubling the bandwidth reduce the speed of net in our rooms ?!

Anyways, I would have to blog pages if I were to recap the days that have passed since I blogged. Again, it reminds me of the first line of "The Tale of two cities" -

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

Yeah, had my fair share of crests and troughs here. But, life is beautiful, mate! Its kinda amazing, its kinda surprising, its kinda mind-boggling - But I am feeling 'happy' throughout the day for no particular reason since the past two days. Why this sudden outburst of 'ananda' from within? Have I been enlightened? Have I woken up to my true inner self? Lots of questions, all of them leading to the Source. Yes, I have freed my mind. Hope, things remain the same. (At the same time, the thought runs across my mind - Hope is delusion). But these days, negative thoughts dont seem to be having an effect on me. Interesting!

So, I guess, I shall be frequenting this space more often to scribble thoughts sourced from an alien clan on my own wall on the web. After all, life is an OB(Open Book)!


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