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Assam quake: For heaven's sake 'NO'

Very, very rarely am I moved to tears by anything on this planet. But that 'rarely' does happen, and when it does happen, I tend to think,.. think about the sheer insignificance of human existence on this planet. What are we doing on this planet? We crib over failure to win a game over the LAN, we cry over not making grades, we shout over minor mistakes, we think all day and night about a loved one, we fight over territories......what for ? The quintessential answer was discovered by Indians long back - ZERO. Nothing. Void. Null. But we are humans, we still do it. We believe that the world is at our feet. We proclaim ourselves as the undisputed ruling species on this planet, which we believe is probably the only planet with such a supremely intelligent inhabitant species. All I can think of is "Dhiyo yo naha prachodayat"- The eternal truth embodied in the Gayatri Mantra -'Enlighten our minds'

After feeling a surge of secretions from the tear glands after watching TV coverage of affected children in the Tsunami-hit areas, I just switched over to a different channel. The reason being that, I believe a shower of such negative thoughts on the human mind, reduces the power of the mind. Think, spare a thought for the affected, shed a tear, help them to the maximum extent, but then take your mind off it. The more you keep thinking, you shall feel yourself getting sapped. After all that human suffering, I shuddered when I read that
Alert sounded in Assam over US tremor warning . Please, Please Oh God! For Heaven's sake not another quake. We have had enough for atleast some decades. The very thought of a big quake in that region squeezes my intestines. Think of the total devastation, it would cause. No, it should not happen. That too in the Assamese region. No. For the people living there deserve to be worshipped for being the true personification of the human spirit. They have bore the brunt of the vagaries of mother nature. They have survived quakes, they have withstood floods, they have looked at the barrell of the gun in the eye, they have endured the step-motherly treatment by the Indian Central Govt. for decades. Yet, they live there, live to tell the grand tales to their children. The true undying spirit of mankind. May the spirit glow. May people be spared from Nature's fury.

"Sarve janah sukhino bhavantu"
May everybody live happily - Source: The Vedas.


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