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When everything goes wrong

I repeat what I had blogged long back about -

People call it as coinidence, I term it as 'Providence'

Two days back, in this very electronic equivalent of paper, I had crapped at me being at the beginning of a SIP and blah blah blah. Now I realise how it is to 'really' be in a SIP. The emotional feelings one has to face during the process is excruciating. The anger, the frustration, the depair, the helplessness, the stress, the feeling of spiralling downward, the feeling of sinking inwards, coupled with the joy of solving a problem, the elation in wriggling through a narrow hole , the egoboo in leading through turbulent times.....simply unexplainable. It is this very paradoxical behaviour of the human mind that makes me think - 'Why should I think?', after all this world is nothing but maya.

Things couldnt get worse for me. In every aspect, today was a black day. I see many more coming as I wade through this SIP.
First, most of the companies we were looking forward as sponsors for an event which I am co-ordinating here backed out. Things were getting bad.
Next, I could not meet a prof whom I had to do so urgently. Things were getting worse.
Then, I saw O-labs, the new hi-tech VLSI lab that has come over here. Amazing lab, but I am not at all inclined to VLSI. I have to develop some interest in VLSI to work there. Things were getting too murky to handle.
Then, I had a long chat with one of my friends, and realised the folly that i committed last sem by splooshing my acads. Man! Am I going to get out of this deep s***hole I have burried myself in . Things were not making sense.
Then, I goofed up while talking to a HR manager of a company. I had resigned from today
Then, I come back here to see that the application time for scholarship has closed. Life had come to a standstill.
And the last pain I have to suffer...write the practical record for MT-2.
Sheesh! It has been a bad day for me. A 'real' bad day.
Hope the dawn has something better.


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