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Screwed, Elated, Amazed, Awoken - all in a day

Very interesting day.

Primarily, the test was horrible. Got screwed big time. Man, what a start to a semester, I thought I would crack out of shape.

Then, I generally try to meet a professor. I actually get to meet him, and also manage to convinve him into handing a informal projrct to me. The efforts to accomplish this were on since a week, but progress was never seen. Suddenly, today was an impulse or probably a step function (too much of circuits and signals !). Well, I was damn elated.

Cricket enthu in the wing has reached new heights, with us playing out hardcore matches in the new set of rules that we have framed.

Then, it was time to hit the dance floor in the Music Nite here. Probably, the only music nite I have stayed almost till the end is this one. And for the first time, danced through the whole event. The 'amazing' factor was because of the performance of a couple of performers. Man! Were they good !

And right now, I am sitting here, blogging about how the day went, but thinking what lays in the future for me. I would do better with a clairvoyant, I presume. My semester schedule is getting more n more hectic. But I have been woken up from deep slumber. I have an opportunity to rise like the phoenix ....


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