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Lack of challenge - One thing I can't sustain

Sitting in front of my computer for 7 hours at a stretch is not a mean feat considering the premise that it was from 0100 hrs to 0800 hrs in the night! Yup! That's me.
Well, I had expected a long night (minus the chinwagging and luciberating(i guess the spelling is wrong, but I am not to blame, you know who..) ) . But the night passed away, and before I knew it, it was morning. I had planned to repartition my hard disc, assort my song collection, create a new partition for Alienux(More about this, coming upon in Alienworks Inc.). All these tasks were accomplished, but then GRUB failed, and all my efforts to restore it went in vain. The /boot got screwed, in entirety, my comp got screwed. After hours of patience and witful thinking, I was able to get it running in good shape. It was a pyrrhic victory. The loss I payed in terms of valuable rest to my neural cells was pretty huge. Then again, the experiences I gained, I believe are unparalleled.
And today evening, I felt as if I am an unemployed post-graduate, doing nothing here. I had nothing to take on, no challenge to conquer, no peak to scale. It was sick! I have always maintained that I cannot stand stagnation and there was more than an illustration. Now, I am tapping away at my comp, late in the night, trying to get yum running in FC3. Good challenge ! I am happy.

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