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SIP! Let Chaos reign.

Reality strikes to the human psyche at astonishingly interesting times. Many a times, I swallow it with a pinch of salt. But at times, the law of averages catches up. And when it does, the whole world seems to shake. I would have reached a SIP (strategic inflection point, if you are hearing this for the first time, then you probably should read Andy Grove's 'Only the Paranoid Survive' and get back).

Today, I believe is a very important day for me. I am on the verge of a SIP. As Andy puts it, i am letting Chaos reign. In a recent essay I had to write on a topic which went something like - " There are two kinds of laws - just & unjust. One has to obey just laws and more importantly, disobey the unjust ones", I had written a whole sheet on how Chaos is the driving force behind human progress, and how it affects legislature , blah blah blah., with the word 'Chaos' appearing atleast 15-20 times. I believe in Chaos, being the mother of innovation, progress and development. Here I am drowned, in chaos. Psuedo-random thoughts whizzing past my mental edifice.

I am just like a leader of a bunch of guys travelling in the woods, who keeps insisting ans assuring the rest that we are not lost, though the fact that we are, still lurks in the dungeons of my mind. But, thats what I am, one who loves to wade through turbulent times. (Check this gr8 HBR on Leading through turbulent times in the library). Taking a look at 'the valley of no return' I grin.

Well, let me stop being so cryptic and go ahead. Well, the SIP, I am about to tread upon, has a major impact in the near future. 'Future' - the first thought would obviously hit the bull's eye - Acads. Yes, thats exactly what I have realised.
1. I have to slog through the rest of my BITSian life to make into a decent college later. Diligence has been a word very far from my character. I have never believed in hard work, i have been a huge votary of smart work - which does not always pay in the short term, but sure does in the distant future. But, I have to free my mind, and give atleast a small place in my dictionary to the word - diligence.
2. I will have to to do something that hasn't been done before to set me apart from the rest of the group. I have always believed in 'innovation' being my middle name; and the spirits of time have come. It is time to prove it. This is the biggest challenge, yet the most sweetest.
3. Apart from all these technical stuff, I would still remain that guy who freaks around, thinks about ? for hours and hours, remain the true ambitious entrepreneur. Thats life isnt it !

Walking that fine balance is a gripping task. Bring it on!
Currently more said would be premature, as chaos still reigns in my neurons. A more concrete post once I rein in chaos.

Till then, let chaos reign !


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