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Conscious mistakes....

The other day I was contemplating on how the human psyche is so intriguing.
The premise is how the human conscience many a times fails to stop one from comitting a mistake eventhough it is previously registered in the grey cells as a sin.

For the sake of simplcity or tradition as people might say, lets consider the working of the cranial cells of a person Mr.X (Ladies, next post will have Mrs.X).

Act 1:
Mr.X follows a lifestyle A. He later lands in a position in his life when he senses his lifestyle gradually changing to lifestyle B.

Act 2:
Whooooooooooosh. There comes Ozzmosis Jones. Hop on to his spaceship/gutship/bodyship/whatever. Revvvvv. Blast. There we go, into the nasal cavity. Ehy did I choose this ?! Yuck.
Soon, we are zooming ahead behind the eyes. Aah. There comes the brain.

Act 3:
Here comes the best part. Philosophy or Science or both into work. The conscience due to its previous experiences, which are taken into as input, alongwith lifestyle B, swings into solving a huge series of complex mathematical equations involving Fourier series and Dirac's equations to run a process which should deliver as output, the morality of the new lifestyle B. As nanoseconds tick as if they were seconds, the output finally arrives. The output is in the negative. This result is officialy broadcast to all reveiving radio stations in the brain, and formal instructions are made to stop all activities of lifestyle B.

Act 4:
All stations decoding the encrypted message being waved across the cranial ionosphere by the conscience. Silence. The cells manning these radio stations remain impassive. Their faces(assuming they have one) bear no expression. They have been expecting some order from the Conscience about the lifestyle B, but his was May Day. The order has been received. Stop all activities in lifestly B and revert back to lifestyle A. A secret slurry of Morse codes are sent fervently across all stations, with certain fundoo cells preventing the Conscience from intercepting these clandestine messages. A flash VoN (Voice over neurons) conference has been called for; to discuss the future course of action over the recieved order. But one does not comprehend the secrecy.

Act 5:
Cells at all stations log into the VoN conference which was set up in record time by a bunch of networking guru cells. Nycthemeron conferencing occurs. Every signal sent through the system is encrypted in different algorithms to evade the policing cranial cells. After a long long time, the traffic of the data sent through the conference seems to decrease. It finally ceases. An official press release is released by the spokesperson cell.
"The cells are in a more comfortable position in lifestlye B. Hence the hoi polloi of cells will work in the norms of the lifestyle B. Any thrust to shift to lifestly A will be dealt with severe labor union strikes throughout. "

The Plebian community of cells have done it again. They have managed to keep Mr.X in lifestlye B. The Police dept. being understaffed doent take the risk of countering the Plebain community.

There it is. The mind refuses to accept what maybe more beneficial but very boring.
All the mind needs is excitement, some tintinnubulation of sorts.

So, if you hav started boozing recently or any such radical change in your lifestyle, you know whom to blame it on . The working class cells of the brain.

The only way to stop this is to have a very efficient labor union. Keep all cells within the rigid confinements of conduct. Thats the only way to be the consonance of consensus.


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