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Where am I ?

In my recent blogs, I had talked a lot about passing through a SIP blah blah blah. Now, I am beginning to ponder, am I ?

Am I a hopeless person in life, who does absolutely nothing but read some book which he hears about and starts drawing analogies between him and the book ? Or was I serious, when I said I am on the verge of a SIP? Life seems to have a meaning now, though. The keyword is 'seems'. Thats because I still dont know that meaning. I am struggling to find out where am I in the grand cycle of life and death. Where am I heading? Everything seems to be so hazy and clear at the same time. I told you, I love paradoxes ! Somehow, somewhere, something does not make sense. I am still on the lookout for that elusive last piece of the jigsaw puzzle of my life.

Not enough caffeine in my blood. Got to pump in some more. Antaragni must have had a song "There's nothing Like caffeine". There seems to be more progress though in my life on many fronts. One, as I blogged, I threw away some extra baggage. Two, tests coming up, so no more linuxing-till-late-in-the-morning(!) . Three, I have kind of identified core areas of study for this semester. Dying to get cracking on them. Four, Now this is something interesting. I have begun to love Hindi songs (especially the slow old ones). Five, Lots of good things happening on the professional sector(!) - Good progress on the Conquest front. Things pretty interesting on the Linux Club front.

Totally out of caffeine.


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