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Takeaways from 'Swades'

Janmabhoomi swargadapi gariyasi
From Sanskrit to English, it translates to
" Homeland is more valuable than Heaven "

Swades , one of the much talked about movies in recent times. A compelling one, I must say.
"It is a dangerous movie. It makes you think! " is what I would say if Peter Drucker would allow me to modify his qoute about 'Only the Paranoid Survive'.

The most important takeaways from the movie for me, would tantatmount to these prioritised bullets:
1. Entrepreneurship and Education is the key to India's progress
2. Setting up a firm in the rural setup might be unacceptable to many. Agreed. Then, entrepreneurs must branch out into untapped segements of the rural areas. For a smile on that Unheralded Indian with sweat beads tricling down his brows,plowing the land in the summer sun, is worth more than that extra buck one might pocket by selling to the stereotype city-dweller.
3. Where you are, it doesnt matter. All that matters is whether, you are contributing either directly or indirectly to the growth of India to the maximum possible extent. Here I would vehemently avow that it is not a sin on one's part to cross the seas and settle there. It becomes a cardinal sin, if one forgets to even contemplate over one's home country's state.
4. An idea can bring out the best in you. Your inherent qualities reach their zenith. You don't care about your girl, you dont care about your job; all you care for is the successful implemenation of that idea.

On a lighter note ( yet perfectly valid in the fuzzy set of truth):
1. The probability distribution function of extremely beautiful, passionate girls has an exponential distribution with increase in number as the distance from the cities increases.
2. Even if your ideologies differ from the girl's , you can either take on the gargantuan task of changing her's or you can take the simple step - change yours, afterall she's all yours.
3. Hit at the Achilles' Heel of the girl. Show some chutpah, some intellect, some passion and voila.

Comments are invited for sharing of open-source takeaways from 'Swades'


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