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Attached detachment (!)

Well, I officially delcared to the world that I am giving up something(?) that in recent times had stolen a sizeable chunk of my heart and mind. It was after all a tough call. When I brooded over in the holidays over this matter, I had thought about giving more of my heart and mind to it. But this semester, I have discovered a new person in myself. I never even thought of giving it up, because it was so close to my heart (though I had kept denying that). I learnt that I have more to give to this world than to ????. I have bigger, better things in life.
Now, I feel that fire within me lighting up again. I feel like I am that Abhilash, the Abhilash of my second semester. The passion, the focus, the power; all are back within me.
Inspite of all this, it will remain in me with special status. I remember reading about a concept called Attached detachment in the Vedas. I feel that this is a true epitome of that concept. I am detached and attached both at the same time. I love paradoxes!

Here I move on like the proverbial juggernaut. My wings are on fire. As I had posted in one of my old blogs, "Watch out, stars, I am coming out there to get you!!".

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    which veda my friend

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