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Back to psychology and philosophy

Two elements which have been pretty obvious in most of my previous posts are the 2Ps - Psychology and philosophy. Probably, an avid interest in both these fields, I might have inherited from my mother. I am grateful to my mother for teaching me the importance of these two, for in the best and worst of times, these elements bring peace.

I have been pondering in some alien thoughts relating to the human empathetic feeling. What makes a person feel for somebody else? What makes him cry, just because somewhere someone is crying? All these when the other person is in no way related by blood to him (Probably biology can explain it if one feels for a blood relative!). OK. This empathetic feeling can be of two types -
a. Feel the pain that someone is suffering due to some natural calamity or any disaster.
b. Feel the pain/anxiety that someone is in due to all other general reasons.

The former can be explained in n ways(probably some fod for thought for later posts), but it is the latter that I have been pondering about. Lets take a simple example. My friend is unhappy over ...lets say...not making it into his/her dream company. Then, why do i feel for him/her ? The answer , many might consider obvious....coz we are friends! I think in a different perspective. Right, he/she is my friend. But then, what is it that makes me feel for a friend? And how does relative difference/grading exist in friendship (i feel more for some friends and not so much for others)? The answer seems to lie somewhere in the hormones swirling in our body, which makes man a social being, makes him 'feel'. And trust me, I am a duffer in biology, so its best that I cut the crap on this topic.

Well, that was too much of psychology and biology.

The better part of life is that I have ended up screwing more tests in all these days I havent blogged. I am getting pretty good at this !


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