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Success ,ego, failure - A vicious circle : A specific case analysis

I am in no mood to pen a research paper to present next semester on how success results to an ego-boost which sometimes leads to failure. But, I have grown sick of people who lose their balance when they know that they are in power and they have been successful.

I am ashamed I almost did the same today morning. My friend had earlier asked me for some help on some design assignment, to which I had consented as well. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I overslept a lot, I hadnt studied anything for the coming exam, I had become shit scared and I kind of shunned him today afternoon when he came to ask my help. He went back dejected. Ten minutes later, I realised my foolishness. I was good at that kind of design, probably I was the only one whom he knew who could do that assignment. He couldn't ask anybody else because they couldn't help him with it. It was the case of a perfect monopoly. A single producer and n consumers. I could dictate terms to anybody. I sprinted across to his room, sat on his computer, helped him out with it, and came back to my room satisfied. Now, this case (hereon will be termed Case A) is an example wherein I realised that when I was successful (in being a master at that sort of design), I had an egoboost (monopoly), I could have doomed to failure ( I would have lost all respect from my friends). But then I chose another kick the egoistic feeling off my brains, come back to senses, and help others.

Coming to Case B. This is one thing I clearly see during some exams and tests. When a person is too good in a subject, he goes on a high, and initially he does explain the fundaes to all of us. But slowly, he realises his monopoly, his power, his ego kicks in and he doesnt give a damn to others. I remember going to one such guy with a doubt. I explain my doubt to him, he looks at it, murmurs something and the next instant he is meddling with something else without even acknowledging my question. Another day, a similar guy gives a rude reply as if I am a duffer. I was in half-a-mind to say

'Dude! I agree that you are a genius in this field. I dont need to certify that. But dont let that get into your head. I maybe a duffer in your viewpoint, but then I too have my own assets and strengths. I came to you, just because I know your acumen in this field, and because you are my friend. But, if you feel that we are pun mortals unworthy of your time, then I'm sorry and soon you will realise that you too would be sorry.'

Comparing both the cases, I am not trying to imply that I am the 'clean guy' who never makes such a mistake. I too have made such mistakes, but I've tried to rectify them as early as possible. All I seek is some sense in people.

Bottomline: "Dont forget that your legs are on the ground, and so are mine"

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