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A convolved world!

So many issues whizzing in my brain as if it were caught in a Quake arena with rockets craving a piece of its flesh. I dont know where to start off from. Thank heavens that I am not blogging about acads !

My tear ducts are pretty well guarded by strong force fields but then there are intrusions (or rather extrusion!) attempts now and then. Yesterday night was one such event wherein the prisoners in Alcatraz would be ashamed. Falling low of expectations, failing to deliver - two things which can cause an imbalance in the force field. Well, both of them struck at the same time. Coupled with that was the energy leakage in the power supply to the force field .

And as if the world wasnt convolved enough, the bitter debate over feminism, male chauvinism blah blah blah. If I were God, I would have made budding as the sole means of reproduction making the whole world unisex. This whole concept of damned discrimination, capabilities, perceptions, hypnoses would go up in flames. The next time I hear somebody talking of this same crap, I would frag him/her with a BFG.

And then Mafia grows like mushrooms. The game induces a whole lot of heat into everyone of us. Minor discontenment, disagreement, squabbles have become common in the wing over this game.

In 4 hours I have a test to write, and I dont even feel like studying.

Damnit! This world is convolved !!

PS. Thanks to Aravind for pointing out that the verb form is 'convolved'


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