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The Inflexion

The cosine curve I have always been talking about has just crossed 180 degrees. After a series of bad days coupled with the scary thoughts that were bombarding my brain as if I was a still bot beig hit a BFG's fluorescent green pulses, the last couple of days have been much much more rosier. Yes, this is the inflexion point. But, statistically I maybe wrong because of the compres coming up !!!!

Anyways, the last couple of days have kept me thinking; thinking of repositioning myself based on what my strengths and weaknesses are now. And I am slowly working towards that, and it going good, man! I have had a few advices pouring in from a handful of seniors about what I should be doing next, and they are really encouraging. The feeling of being a dud had been pushed beyond the rear bumper of my Merc, and I see new vistas. After all its destiny that I have to respect and passion that I have to follow.

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