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No offence meant

Very charactersitic of me, a bad bad temper. I have tried so hard to cool it, but then I fail every alternate turn. Anyways, I felt that the last post was way too harsh on people who actually go thorugh my blog. Here are my most sincere apologies. I could have as well edited my previous post. That would have been the mark of an indecisive coward.
I am not so good at apologising in writing, but then here goes:
To everybody who read my blog:

" I express my heartfelt apologies, if whatever I have blogged about is offensive to you directly or indrectly. I mean no offence. These are just mindless regurtitations of this poor soul. But if you feel that something in my post shouldn't have been the way it is, please take some time of your busy schedule and mail me about it, instead of bearing a grudge on a soul who would least expect it. I will be more than obliged to clarify my position and rectify any mistake if any."

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  1. chitra said...
    Hey, first time on your blog and i'm surprised not too many people are leaving comments...
    anyways - 'blog' is the shortform for weblog - that ultimately translates to a diary on the net ... thats what we all blog about i guess... about our worlds as we see it. yes, there is bound to be all kinds of furore about what u write - but i would suggest that u dont give a damn ... there is no need to be deterred by your own opinions... just have the humility to know they ay not always be shared... but they are yours , so they are special- and if someone cant understand that - then its not your problem - its theirs!

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