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There is something new in the air ...

First off, Pilani has not been affected by any gas tragedy of sorts that there would be something obnoxious and toxic in the air. Nor has it seen the leakage of a perfume storage tank which has resulted in fantastic odour 24x7. Yet, I feel there is something new in the air. It takes simple logic to say that "If there is no change in the physical, chemical, paranormal etc states of air, and yet I feel there is a change, then it is just that I have changed, and hence the relative feeling of change."

Have I changed? Will take me years digging up the piles of crap in my brain to reach the 'Grandfather of All Knowledge' located deep inside my brain and ask him this question. Though he knows everything on the planet, I seriously doubt him giving a satisfactory answer on this one. Ask me the question, and I feel the answer is more in proximity with the logic 1 (Yes).

Somehow in the last one week, I have felt a subtle change in myself. A change in the way how I view people whom I know very well, in the way how I go about performing in tests, in the way I look at life. I remember me blogging about weird, farfetched things in January. January was a passing phase. I lost all the energy that I had in January, and now I seem to be getting as energised as I was in Jan but this time the process of energisation and the aftermath are entirely different. I spoke of attached detachment. Hah! That never happened. It just happened that my attachment went on an increasing linear curve. But now I feel I was just climbing a plateau. Its flat at the top. I dont feel that attachment anymore. Last week I blogged about me feeling low on not making it as an intern in Mumbai. Now I dont feel that. It is that attachment with something so dear that is the primary cause for one's failure. Later I blogged about the human empathetic feeling. I dont feel like that anymore. Somehow I feel so much more detached with wordly attachments. It makes so much more sense now to swallow everything with the principle of 'Lite ra'! Attachment is the root cause of misery. Hmmm..I remember reading this as a quote of the Buddha. Well, he hit the nail on the head.

So, what have I done to see this change in myself, or the world around me.

  • I have detached myself from many attachments which were hogging my mental resources

  • I have realised that 'Life is bigger. Bigger than You. And You are not me'. Well, this is how REM put it.

  • I have discovered new friends on networking forums

  • For a change, I did well in 3 of the last 4 tests

  • But, one of the biggest changes is the start of a new blog Vistas of two mavericks by me and Aravind. The perfect avenue to bring about the change in the world that I have always wanted to.

  • I have discoverd some really cool songs in my collection and am drowning in the ocean of goooood music

I rest my crap.


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