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When things demand sunken eyes

I am damn foolish to write this post on the blog, when my eyes are yelling at the top of their electic impulses thorugh the optic nerve into my cephalon - "Dude! Just shut me. I will escort you to heaven". But then the Architect in my cephalon replies - "Sleep - The quintessential delusion of mankind. It is the source of the greatest pleasure and the greatest pain at the same time.". Thats reality. When I have two tests on a trot tomorrow afternoon in which a dismal performance can water down my dreams of doing decently well this semester, it demands sunken eyes. Never before was I so desperate to prepare well for a test. But then the demand is pretty high with no discount and I will have to meet the demand (Whew! Thats too much of operations research!).

It would be insane of me to keep this post going on. Gotta ghot slightly more before my eyes go on a strike.


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