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Pick the flick - Share the care

Yeah, You've got me right. I am in the middle of my end-semester exams here. Every body around me is trying to blow his/her brains off trying to cram some serious crap about theodolites, interrupts, grain dislocations, fast fourier transforms, strategic intent, power factors and FCFS queues. While I, the most daring and genious of all chose to take a break. A break to watch a movie. And all I had to do is walk less than the length of a cricket pitch to my friend's room known for having a repository of movies and pick a flick. With no second thoughts, I had transferred "Good Will Hunting" onto my computer. In no time I was sitting on my easy chair, with lights off, and the monitor brightness option set to 'Entertainment', munching a couple of cashews. Hmm...didnt even feel like I was amidst my exam series. Anyways, I just watched the movie with a couple of rewinds here and there just to cover up my short dozes. The movie was different in its own way, and I had serious qualms over the way Matt Damon's character Will Hunting was casted. But a couple of minutes later the whole thing sunk in. Here goes. Ramblings. Take One.

First of all, being a genius is one thing; being a 'man' is another. (For those who didnt get it, I meant' a human being') One thing that was excellently brought about in the movie is 'to follow one's heart'. What is it that makes geniuses so different? I dont know. Maybe that's because I havent met a genius till now. Now, I have met people of exceptional intellectual capabilities. But, I am not qualified to label them as geniuses.

Let me take the example of a hypothetical person . This guy is simply terrific in solving a circuit involving a score of transformers and induction motors, he can think of questions that even the famed professors fail to answer, he knows stuff that even a senior student wouldn't know, he can intuitively work out answers to any damn problem you take to him. But then, he has an attitude problem. He thinks that people around him are exceptionally dumb (except the girls who fall for his intellectual acumen) and says stuff like 'I dont need to prove my mettle'. Now, lets do an analysis on this guy. I have no doubts about the power vested in his gray cells, but to me this guy is just a piece of s***. Why? Because I believe that you can like a person, not because of his intellectual capabilities, not because of his looks, not because of his possessions, BUT because of his inner self. I wouldnt even want to hang around with this chap because he gives me an inferiority complex, he rarely encourages me to do something out of the box and he doesnt give a damn about 'me'.

If I ever fall for a girl in my life, it will certainly not be because she is intelligent (Oooo.... dude ! she is a stud, she maxes every damn test), she is smart (Wow! That girl has some serious wit, mate!), she is hot (Mmmm...Take a look at her), she is cute/sweet (She is such a nice girl). It might be because of one sole reason - She cares. Yes. That's the bottomline. Care is what everybody seeks. A soulmate is what everybody wants. I woulnt want a girl preaching me on Quantum Electrodynamics or Discrete convolution, i wouldnt want a girl who talks of Ayn Rand. All I would crave for is a girl who would sit me with and ask me about what I think about my future, who would tell me to lessen my caffeine intake, who would tell me to sleep more when I go to her with red sunken eyes, who would wish me the very best before a test, who would tell me that my beard is looking pathetic or stand with me when I make the hardest decisions.

Its true. Solitude at times is the loveliest of everything in nature, but then solitude forever is hell brought down on to earth. Our life is like a unique compass. The strongest magnets might be kept near it (fame, money, prestige,.......) but still the compass is undeflected and it points to one thing - Care.

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    abey...tu kya aaj kal itna psenti ho raha hai???

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