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Who gives a damn anyway!

Current mood: Pissed Excited
Current song playing in the background: Dreamer - Ozzy Osbourne

That captures most of what I have to say. Basically I am pissed because I heard of somebody taking offence at what I blogged sometime back. But then, who gives a damn anyway. Why do I blog? Thats something I havent blogged upon. Here goes. I beleive that life is not a closed book. It is something that you needn't guard from people. To me, a blog is more like an online diary. I dont expect people to visit my blog and read it. If they do, and do send in a few comments, I would seriously dig that. But then, people taking offence at something that I blogged, it sucks, but I dont lend my ear to it if they cant call a spade 'a spade'.

I must be crazy to have blogged what I just did, coz something better happened today. I met up with some senior of mine and was discussing on various issues (some included how dope can help crack tests!). I caught something seriously good in the long talk we had. I feel a new sense of direction. Something that I will run after, no matter what. I see it, And thats why Ozzy is telling me that "I am a dreamer" in the background.

And once again I am reminded of the Buddha saying that "Attachment is the root cause to misery". I feel this is the ultimate truth in the world. Nothing beats it. And I am excited that I am getting more and more detached from what was a misfit in the schema of how the world goes around me.

Amidst all these, my mind is clouded with all sorts of thoughts. I am feeling lost in my thoughts. None of them entire in nature. Cryptic, haunting, paralysing, exciting, taxing, painful, inspiring ..... a few adjectives that can describe them.


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